Canadian Programs


Click on the map to explore Canada's 15 accredited physiotherapy programs.

Physiotherapy is a dynamic health care profession with foundations in theory and research and specialized clinical expertise. Each of the 15 Canadian Universities offering physiotherapy education provide a professional, entry-level program at the Master's level. Within each of these programs, the curriculum is presented in a course-based Master's format. Ten programs are offered in English and 5 in French.

Physiotherapy is a regulated profession meaning an active license or practice permit, from the applicable provincial regulatory organization, is required. Successful completion of an accredited entry-level program allows the graduate to sit the national Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE). For most provinces, successful completion of the PCE is required for registration.

Clinical Master's and/or thesis-based Master's and Doctorate programs are offered by most of the 15 Universities with entry-level programs. These are typically designed for physiotherapy and other healthcare clinicians wanting to pursue further academic education and generally follow a more traditional graduate education format. Physiotherapy specific and interdisciplinary post-graduate certifications and advanced practice courses are also available at many universities.